Corrections & Retractions

In cases of serious errors or (suspected) misconduct FUP publishes corrections and retractions (expressions of concern).

In cases of serious errors that affect or significantly impair the reader’s understanding or evaluation of the article, the journal publishes a correction note that is linked to the published article. The published article will be left unchanged.
In accordance with the “Retraction Guidelines” by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) the journal will retract a published article if:
  • there is clear evidence that the findings are unreliable, either as a result of misconduct (e.g. data fabrication) or honest error (e.g. miscalculation)
  • the findings have previously been published elsewhere without proper crossreferencing, permission or justification (i.e. cases of redundant publication)
  • it turns out to be an act of plagiarism
  • it reports unethical research.

An article is retracted by publishing a retraction notice that is linked to or replaces the retracted article. The journal will make any effort to clearly identify a retracted article as such.
If an investigation is underway that might result in the retraction of an article the journal may choose to alert readers by publishing an expression of concern.

  • If you wish to notify FUP JOURNALS of an error in your publication that may warrant a correction, please email the journal directly with the relevant details (article citation & DOI, description of the error), proposed correction text, and supporting files and/or revised figures, as applicable. For corrections that involve the article’s results, include supplementary files with the underlying raw data to support the results in question.
  • If you wish to notify FUP JOURNALS of concerns pertaining to the integrity, validity, or reliability of a FUP article, please email the journals manager at and cc the journal. Include in your email the full citation and DOI of the article in question and details as to your specific concerns.